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About Us

Welcome to Dusty Gems interiors our New Online Store which compliments our 1000 sq feet antique and interiors store located in an old farmyard just outside Nantwich in the picturesque county of Cheshire.

We offer an eclectic mix of European English and American Furniture and accessories from over three centuries. One of a kind objects from churches, farmhouses, chateaus, barns, old industrial mills and factories.

Beautifully restored in our Cheshire barn, we take great care and research each piece before lovingly restoring it to its natural beauty without losing any of its originality and history. The details all enhanced by simplicity, purity, elegance and genuine craftsmanship from a variety of periods.

We love the originality and history that our pieces bring the authenticity and charm tell a story which ads to its appeal. Even the imperfect that was painted and repaired over a 100 years ago, tells the journey of that piece.


Owner Jon studied 18th and 19th-century material culture and he is very passionate about the history of his objects, Jon personally chooses every piece with passion. 

We never compromise on quality and nothing hits the shop floor before Jon is 100% satisfied. If a nail is replaced in an 18th-century piece of furniture it will be replaced with the same handmade 18th-century nail.

Come along and lose yourself in the barn with french gypsey jazz humming and candles burning and listen to Jons tales of history on the pieces. You will become inspired by our fantastic displays of stock.

For our clients who logistically can’t drop by, we have created this one-stop shop to enjoy buying our one-of-a-kind pieces. Items can be shipped straight to your see our delivery and returns section or call us on 01270 842584

We ship worldwide please ask for a quote on jon.egglestone@live.com